People ask all the time how they should eat their Granola Mama’s Handmade granola. First let us say that all of them are pretty darn good eaten with a spoon straight out of the bag! With that said, you are probably starting to understand that it’s not just for breakfast, but if breakfast is what you’re looking for, by all means eat it. Eat it with milk or soy milk or coconut milk, eat it with yogurt, plain or sweetened or fruit added. Add it to pancakes or muffins or cookies. Use it as a topping for ice cream or salads or casseroles. Use it to add flavor to vegetables or over a simple grilled fish or chicken breast or tofu. Check the blog for recipes, but really we’d love to hear all about how you eat your granola. Send us your recipes and photos!

Of course we prefer that you eat it as fresh as possible! If you happen to leave it around, and we highly doubt that you would, most varieties will taste pretty good for a month. The varieties with freeze dried fruit seem to last longer than those with regular dried fruit because the moisture in the fruit will eventually make the oats go stale.

Many varieties are vegan! There are a couple of varieties that have butter in them. If you do not eat honey, there are fewer varieties available to you. All varieties are labeled in their descriptions.

At this point, all varieties of Granola Mama’s Handmade granola are gluten free. There seems to be some confusion about oats. Oats are naturally gluten free. A lot of granola has other grains mixed in so they are not gluten free. Some oat products are not labeled gluten free even though they are. The controversy seems to come from the fact that people with Celiac disease, which is a very serious disease, need to eat oats that are “certified gluten free”. What this means is that the oats were not grown near wheat or processed in a mill where other grains which contain gluten are processed. I don’t know why this is particular to oats and not all other grains, but perhaps oats and wheat are more commonly grown and processed together.

There are so many opinions about what is healthy and what is not, that we decided that we would focus on making truly delicious granola and let you decide if it’s healthy. We subscribe to the age old philosophy of eating “everything in moderation.” We know for sure that our granola has a lot less sugars than most store bought granola. All added oils were added for flavor. We work hard to find the best all natural ingredients possible because we believe that food is only as good as the quality of its ingredients. We prefer to eat food that is whole and locally grown, but we also believe that sharing the flavors of other cultures brings you closer to the world and brings us closer together!

Since all of our granola is handmade by Granola Mama herself these days, there are only 5-7 flavors in production at a time. We try to rotate some of them seasonally. You can still order other flavors not currently in production, but you need to order a whole batch since Granola Mama will be making it especially just for you.